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Getting A Liquor License in Las Vegas is… well… COMPLICATED.

If you have ever applied for a Liquor License in Las Vegas, you know there are a lot of hoops you need to jump through before you get one. At Las Vegas Liquor License, our team of professionals have been navigating through the bureaucracy of obtaining Liquor Licenses for our clients for years.

Our goal is to help the business owner focus on other priorities of setting up their establishment. We work closely with the Fire Departments requirements, Health Department Standard and Liquor License Regulations. There are numerous governmental inspections that take place and we have the experience to assist our clients in passing these inspections. You can also visit our About us page to know more about us!

Get a Las Vegas or Clark County Liquor License
Las Vegas Liquor License for Clubs & Bars

Applying for the right kind of liquor license is important.

It is important to determine which type of Liquor License you will need. If you are going to import alcohol and sell it to wholesalers or retail stores but not to the public, you will need an Importer/Wholesaler License. Keep in mind you will need to have an established warehouse in Nevada prior to submitting the application.

If you are going to manufacture alcohol, you will need to get a Manufacturer License. You don’t intend on importing it or selling it either wholesale or retail.

There are bonds involved when applying for a Liquor License so be sure you get the right bond or bonds. These bonds guarantee you will pay the taxes that you bring in on your liquor sales. If a business does not pay the taxes, the company that provided the bond has to pay them to the Nevada Department of Taxation. The business owner is then responsible to pay the taxes to the bonding company.

Keep in mind, you do not pay the full cost of the bond, you will pay anywhere from one to fifteen percent of the total bond amount. The amount is determined mostly on an individual’s credit score. Contact us now!

Preplanning is a must as it can take up to six months to get an approval of a Liquor License.  There are also some fees involved in obtaining a Liquor License.

Las Vegas Liquor License Requirements

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As of the 9/5/19 revised application, they are the following:

Wholesaler/Importer Fee:

  • Importer of wine, beer and spirits – $500
  • Importer of beer – $150.00
  • Wholesaler of wine, beer and spirits – $250.00
  • Wholesaler of beer – $75.00

Manufacturer Fees:

  • Brew Pub – $75.00
  • Brewer – $75.00
  • Craft Distillery – $75.00
  • Estate Distillery – $75.00
  • Instructional Wine Facility – $75.00
  • Winemaker – $75.00
  • Rectifier – $550.00

These fees are due July 1st of each year and if not received by the 15th of the month, the liquor license will be cancelled, and the process will have to start over at the beginning. The fee will be prorated on first time applications based on the date the application is approved.

Because a Liquor License is considered a privilege in the State of Nevada, the person who is applying will undergo an extensive background check. Once the paperwork has been submitted, it has to be first approved by the Incorporated City’s Governing Board before it goes in from of the Board of County Commissioners.

Not only will you be subject to a background check, you will also have to give your personal history and a handful of financial documents. There is a checklist PDF available online at the City of Las Vegas Department of Planning Business Licensing Division.

The checklist includes:

  • Las Vegas Business License Application
  • Temporary License Request – keep in mind if you have not lived in the Las Vegas area for the past two years, you will have to submit a police letter from your previous place of residence.
  • Financial Questionnaire
  • Responsible Party Acknowledgement Notice
  • Drug Acknowledgement Statement
  • Entertainment Verification Form

If there is a change of ownership on an existing business, you must submit the following in addition to the above documents:
Purchase and Sale Agreement or Escrow Instructions that are signed by all parties.
Transfer of Business License

The other documents that are required depend on is what type of entity you chose to license your business under:


  • Complete Trust Agreement and Amendments
  • List of all Trustees


  • Meeting minutes or secretary certification detailing current officers, directors, and shareholders
  • Most recent Annual Report (publicly traded); or
  • Most recent Form 10-K filed with SEC (publicly traded)
  • Legal document listing stockholders holding more than 10% and/or involved in the day-to-day operation
  • Organizational chart of related companies (if applicable)
  • If not of the above are available, a notarized affidavit which details shareholders with ownership percentage and officers will be accepted

Limited Liability Companies (LLC):
Operating Agreement (must include management and membership percentage details)

  • Organizational chart of related companies (if applicable)
  • If not of the above are available, a notarized affidavit which details managers and members with ownership percentage will be accepted

Partnerships and Limited Partnerships:

  • Partnership Agreement
  • Organizational chart of related companies (if applicable)
  • If a partnership agreement is not available, a notarized affidavit which details the list of partners with ownership percentage will be accepted

If the above it not overwhelming enough, they have a Suitability Package with other required documentation required. Then there has to be an Alcohol Security Plan where you describe the security measures that will be taken to control the alcohol and maintain public safety. Also, a Floor Plan will have to be submitted depicting the seating count for the dining room, lounges and bar stools as well as outdoor dining seating areas.

That is why it is best to hire the professionals who have done this process hundreds of times. We try to make this tedious process a lot less stressful for our clients. So again, they can get about the business of setting up their establishment. We will personally guide you through the mounds of paperwork and make it as easy as possible.

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